Aims and Scope

Caspian Journal of Engineering Modern Technologies (CJEMT) is a research journal that is peer-reviewed and published biannually, with the aim of disseminating theoretical and experimental research, as well as innovative ideas on novel technologies and engineering disciplines. The journal accepts research articles, reviews, letters, new technical notes, methods, etc., but places special emphasis on research in the following directions:

  • Intelligent systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, soft computing, decision making, logic programming, genetic algorithms
  • Big data analytics solutions, tools and applications
  • Cryptography, cyber and information security, efficient cryptographic computations
  • Bioinformatics and computational biology, systems and synthetic biology, target-based drug discovery, bio-pathway and disease-drug pathway modeling, medical image analysis
  • Modeling of dynamic processes, queuing models, Markov models, statistical methods, modeling with Petri nets, combinatorial and graph models
  • Algorithmic, software and architectural concepts of high performance computing including multiprocessor and multicomputer systems, distributed computing, parallel algorithms, parallel programming, interconnection networks, switching theory
  • Computer communication, computer networks, performance analysis of communication networks, telecommunication, mobile communication, traffic tracking
  • Image/video processing, pattern recognition, facial/emotion recognition, computer graphics
  • Matherial science, nanoscience and nanotechnologies
  • Mathematical science, mathematical models, mathematical computing, mathematical algorithms, mathematical physics
  • Fuzzy systems, theoretical foundations and applications of fuzzy systems